Chase High Roadster 2017 II_opt

On the 15th of March Chase High School in Prittlewell Chase, Southend hosted a Road Safety event run by Essex County Council. The Roadster events have been on offer to many schools across Essex for many years have no doubt highlighted and contributed to the advancements in Road Safety in Essex. The day is open to all students from 16 and above and is normally well attended as it was at Chase High.

The day starts with an overview of the day from the lead Road Safety officer and at Chase, it was the very experienced Gillian Beale. The students then have sets throughout the day including, Risk & Consequence run by Essex County Council

Driving with Grace which is shown and discussed with Essex Fire Service. Driving With Grace is a video made by the students of Southend High School for Girls following a horrific event involving students from Southend High School. You can see the video online at

Chase High Roadster 2017_opt

Drugs & Driving an insight into the effects of drugs on your driving given by Darren Gold from Drugs Alert. This is a serious subject but delivered in an entertaining and educational way.

Buying a car delivered by the Essex County Council’s Trading Standards team which helps new drivers recognise some of the pitfalls of second-hand cars and what to watch out for. A useful set as Trading Standards have lots of experience dealing with the shadier side of car sales.

First Response a short session on First Aid for people involved in a crash delivered by the team at Faid.

Getting Started was run by yours truly Tony Mihill from A Pass 4 U Driving School at the Chase High school which explains learning to drive and taking your driving tests. Tony also runs a small quiz at the end of his set which includes prizes of dairy milk chocolate bars and who said that road safety couldn’t be exciting.

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Off-Road Driving at the Chase High School was provided by A Pass 4 U Driving School and meant that the students got to try driving for the 1st time in a controlled area with the expertise of fully qualified driving instructor who had volunteered their time to show students that driving can be fun as well as having a serious side.

Supporting the Off-Road Driving for students who are already driving are the guys from Kwik Fit who go over some of the basic maintenance questions that come with owning a car.

The students from Chase High School were a delight to spend the day with asking lots of questions and engaging in all aspects of the day. I look forward to going back to see them all again next year.