Many of you will know that the National Assoc Strategic Partnership (NASP) is made up of the DVSA and industry bodies and that it meets regularly to look at various aspects of the driving instruction industry and road safety matters. On the 7th of December NASP met and various topics were discussed,

• Examiner Recruitment
• ADI Part 3
• Learners on Motorways
• Practical Test Changes

Mark Magee opened the meeting by pointing out that less complaints were being made about use of in car cameras and that juice boxes were being used to power Sat Nav’s so the use f in car power would not be necessary.
Examiner Recruitment

NASP report that 260 new examiners have been recruited and 104 are due to start training and with the new slim line training progress down to 5 weeks the national waiting time is now down to 8.1 weeks and it is projected that times will be down to 7 weeks by March. In my opinion this is still far too long. The members of the NASP Committee did point out that there are still hotspots across the country.

ADi Part 3

The DVSA have been holding consultations with ORDIT trainers and were glad to report that they had a good response. Many ORDIT trainers have already started to change their training styles to encompass a more client centred approach. There are concerns that a “live” learner rather than a role play by examiners could be left open for manipulation and that evidence of training needed the specifics of each trainee instructor shown. The DVSA were happy to report that trainers were aware of the potential changes and had started to change their training to a more Standards Check style. This is an ongoing topic that will be reviewed. The DVSA hope to be able to start the style of testing in October 2017 but will give at least 6 months’ notice before finalised changes. Changes are needed but not just for change sake.

Earned Recognition/Pass Rates

The DVSA asked for details of what NASP thought would be indicators for earned recognition and that they thought consumer information is different so should be treated differently. NASP said that they did not support the use of pass rates. NASP are to report back to the DVSA their thoughts. I personally think that real CPD (not just turning up to a meeting) should be something that gets earned recognition.

Code of Practice

NASP have committed to review and make suggestions for an ADi Code of Practice which the DVSA have committed to supporting. Many ADi’s probably don’t even know that there is a Code of Practice but you can find it at

Learners on Motorways

The Department for Transportation are soon to be launching a consultation about learners on Motorways. The DVSA have stated that their stance is for learners in dual controlled driving school cars should only be allowed on Motorways for tuition. NASP would like to point out that ADi’s should not use roof boards on motorways as most f them are only guaranteed up to 70mph. I believe this is a really good move towards preparing a pupil for the new test but more importantly helping pupils get ready for their post-test driving.

New Practical Test

DVSA have advised NASP that the consultation of 4000 tests has been completed and that it I their biggest ever. The results of this are due to discussed with the Secretary of State and it is hoping that the new test can be implemented during September 2017. It is expected that the new test will open up new test areas. NASP asked the DVSA whether the Show/Tell questions had been changed for the new test. The DVSA responded that the same questions are being used. I believe this will change as I know the team changing the test did draw up a new set of questions including 1 before the test and 1 whilst on the move, watch this space. The DVSA did also stat that the changes would also be changed in the part 2 ADi test at the same time.


During the AOB section the DVSA directed that the regulations being bought into force “The Driving Instructors (Registration) Act 2016 which provides 2 deregulatory measures should make it easier for ADi’s to voluntarily leave the register and simplify the process of re-joining for people between 1 to 4 years.

As many of the associations in Essex are members of the ADi NJC who in tern members of NASP please feed you comments back to them for inclusion in NASP matters.