It may be coming towards the end of the summer here in the UK but the daily news is telling us that we are at the beginning of sorting out the UK’s Brexit from Europe, so I thought this might be a good time to offer a few tips on driving abroad, as all us Brits will still be able to do so.

There are now a couple of different ways to cross the channel with your car – both ferry and train offer viable alternatives, enabling you to quickly spin the wheels of steel and carry you across the water.

So what are the best tips GOV.UK gives for driving abroad:

1) Drive on the right-hand side of the road – this applies across continental Europe.

2) Drive cautiously and expect the unexpected – the local driving style may be different to that of the UK.

3) Don’t drive when you’re tired and take regular breaks – at least 15 minutes every two hours.

4) Speed limits are often higher than in the UK so cars may approach faster than you are used to.

5) Always wear a seatbelt and make sure other passengers do too – even when it’s hot!

6) Don’t drink and drive – the legal blood-alcohol limit may be lower than in the UK.

7) Holiday luggage may make your vehicle heavier than usual so allow more time and distance for braking.

8) You should have a GB sticker clearly visible on the back of your car if your number plate doesn’t include this information.

9) It is now compulsory in many countries in Europe, including France, for all vehicles to carry a reflective jacket and at least one warning triangle for use in case of a breakdown.

10) Radar detectors are illegal in many countries in Europe including France and Spain, whether in use or not. If you are caught with one you could be fined.

11) Plan your route before you start driving.

12) If you’re involved in an accident, contact your insurer immediately and take photographs of damage to your vehicle.

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