As I write this, I’m sitting in an apartment based in an area of The Canary Islands called San Fernando, Gran Canaria. Living amongst its volcanic, rocky terrain and sweeping, tourist laden beaches. Recently I’ve had the joy of travelling up into its fertile heartland.


Driving up into its expansive, cactus strewn, centre. Our vehicle maneuvered hairpin bends with sheer drops. I looked on in awe at its rocky spired, Grand Canyon interior and began to think, how fantastic the opportunity is, of learning to drive.

Although the function for many in the UK, is to enable them to gain independence, get out and about with friends and drive to and from the places they want to go. There is so much more it gives you. From my point of view, it also enables a person to gain independence and learn to be responsible for something other than their selves. Or alternatively-totally take responsibility for themselves and their actions.

Reaching an age when you can drive abroad, you have the potential of seeing so much more of the world than you would, if you could only go on a bus, coach or train.


It enables you to visit the places you want to and discover those places that only a few can go. In Gran Canaria you can tour the island in a day – travelling through its micro climates, driving up to its highest point Pico de las Nieves – offering shimmering views of Mount Tiede on the neighbouring island of Tenerife and the chance to sip a strong coffee from a cloud strewn cafe way up high.

Yes, you could go on an island tour but its those moments, when you catch sight of a place in which you want to stop – as your driver whisks you past that point and onto the place they want you to show you. You realise your missing out on something and that is your life.

Driving enables you to stop at those places the coaches wizz past. It gives you the freedom to find the places you want to go, with the people you want to be with. Learning to drive isn’t just about functioning in every day life. Driving to & from work. Or even getting out and about with friends. Its also about living the life you want – in the places you want to be and for the amount of time you want to be there.

What country would you like to drive in and where would you go – if you had your driving licence?