If you meet parked vehicles hopefully you will be anticipating problems and have seen potential hazards from a distance. Look into the distance to see where the issues are. 

When passing other vehicles it is very important to give adequare clearance. This is because you never know when someone is going to open a car door or walk round to get in the car. It is always good practice to look into vehicles when passing them and see what the driver is doing i.e. are they looking towards you and intending to get out? are looking at all?  

Watch out for pedestrians on housing estates as they love to walk out to get to their car door with you trying to squeeze by.

Allowing adequate clearance 3When passing just 1 vehicle on 1 side try to give a minimum of just over a metre clearance which should allow the car door to be opened with no issues. 



allowing adequate clearance 2When passing with vehicles on both sides of the road try to take the centre of the lane which should allow equal clearance on either side. You do not know where the hazard could come from so be aware of both sides of the road. It is this situation when vision is very limited that you should pay

 even more attention to any children as they do have a tendancy to walk inbetween the cars.  

Allowing adequate clearance 1

As you can see from this third diagram when passing a parked vehicle with another moving vehicle passing you must allow enough room for the other vehicle to pass without hinderance as they have priority. They have prioirty because you have the hazard on your side of the road. If needed pull closer to the stationery vehicle as the moving vehicle is more of a hazard than the stationery one.      


If the situation becomes so tight that it could be dangerous, take the safe option and pull over, never has they saying “better be safe than sorry” been so true. If the other vehicle looks like it is going to push it’s way through slow right down and again if nescassary stop. Whilst you may have priority it doesn’t always go that the other driver will give it to you. Too many incidents have happened becuase someone didn’t drive in a polite and safe manner.    

A causious driver will always be safer than someone who drives in a carefree, haphazardous manner. Drive and treat others like you would like to be treated and you never know it might happen.