Passed Pupil-Fabrizio Fazzari-Banbury.

Congratulations to Fabrizio Fazzari who passed his test 1st time this week! Fabrizio passed after undertaking a 20 hour intensive driving course in Banbury.  His instructor, Mark Ward-Jackson said “Well done Fab! Good luck with the move.” Impressive stuff, please stay safe on the roads! 🙂

Passed Pupil-Chantel Donald-Banbury.

Congratulations to Chantel Donald on passing her test 1st time this week in Banbury! Chantel passed after completing a 25 hour intensive driving course with instructor Mark Ward-Jackson! Mark said ” Another success story in Banbury, this time Chantel Donald passed her test at the first attempt. Well done Chantel!”    I hope you enjoy this new driving experience Chantel! 😀

Passed Pupil-Henry Meager-Banbury.

Congratulations to Henry Meager on passing his test this week in Banbury! Henry passed after undertaking a 6 hour intensive driving course with instructor Mark Ward-Jackson.  His instructor said “Well done Henry, remember the 2 second rule!”. Impressive stuff Henry, stay safe on the roads! 🙂