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Meeting Traffic

When meeting traffic on the road you should always take into account what is the safest option but a general rule should be applied – who has a hazard in their lane. For example the picture to here shows the green car parked and is hindering the vehicle trying to get around it. If you […]

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Driving Lessons in Colchester

Driving lessons in Colchester couldn’t be easier to organise just call 08458 121 007 to get your lessons organised. We have recently reduced our prices in Colchester to help with the recent financial problems many people are enduring in the UK at the moment. Neil Connor one of our driving instructors in Colchester said “ Colchester […]

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What is a Clutch? How do I use it?

Using the clutch properly can mean the difference between a good driver and someone who has problems controlling the car.

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Louis Goodall passes in Portsmouth

Driving Course Pass – Louis Goodall – Portsmouth

Louis Goodall took a Freeway Intensive Driving Course in Portsmouth this week and passed his driving test 1st time. Louis’s Driving instructor Howard Williams said ” I really enjoyed teaching Louis ad he took on board everything we discussed and that’s why he passed”. Congratulations!!!

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Driving Course Pass – Adam Allen – Portsmouth

Portsmouth instructors are on a roll with driving test passes as Adam Allen passes his driving test in Portsmouth with instructor Karen Stoker Buckell. Adam has taken a 6 hour retest special intensive driving course in Portsmouth and flew through his test. Well done to Adam!!!

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Driving Course Pass – Matthew Evans – Wolverhampton

Matt Evans passed his driving test in Wolverhampton this week after completing a 15 hour driving course with A Pass 4 U driving instructor Adam   Turner. Congrats Matt!!!

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Charlie Roberts passes in Clacton

Driving Courses Pass – Charlie Roberts – Clacton

A big congratulations to Charlie Roberts who passed his driving test this week in Clacton on Sea with Amanda this week. Charlie took a 10-hour intensive driving course in Clacton and passed with flying colours.

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What kind of driving lessons should you have?

You would have thought that its quite simple organise driving lessons. Well it is if you know what you want. Some of the factors you will need to consider are, How quick do you want to learn? What can you afford? What time have you got? Do you need to organise work or children? Do […]

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Jason Burwood Passes in Clacton

Hourly Pass – Jason Burwood – Clacton

After having hourly driving lessons in Clacton-on-Sea with Neil Windass, Jason Burwood passed his driving test this week. It was a nice sunny day in Clactonad Jason made sure that he came home with his pass certificate. Neil said ” He was ready to take a test and I am pleased he has got the pass he […]

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Ben Wells Passes in Worthing

Driving Course Pass – Ben Wells – Worthing

Ben Wells passed in Worthing, Sussex this week. Ben took a 20 hour intensive driving crash course and passed 1st time.

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