An intensive driving course or sometimes known by its more common name, which is highly ironic, driving crash course is designed for people who have many commitments which mean they need to start driving as soon as possible. An intensive driving course is normally run over consecutive days with the test at the end of the driving course. For example a common course for someone who has never driven before and has no experience would be a 40 hour course. This will mean that the course will run over 8 days, with 5 hours per day. The practical test is arranged as the last hour on the last day.

There are of course many ways to organise a driving crash course and it will depend on a number of factors. Whether you have passed your theory test and your availability, are the biggest factors. Contrary to belief no one can book a practical driving test unless the theory and hazard perception tests have been passed. This doesn’t however mean that you cannot start training.

Most decent intensive driving schools will offer a split intensive driving crash course which is arranged with half the training before the theory/hazard. This will help as you have the instructor to guide you with any issues whilst home studying the theory elements. The remaining days/hours are organised leading up to the practical test on the last day. This course works very well for 1st time drivers.

If you have had some experience driving, we would suggest you take an assessment lesson which will allow the instructor to see what you can or more importantly what you can’t do. It also gives you the chance to meet your instructor and drive the car you will be using on the course. All of this is completed before you part with any large amount of money. After the assessment you can then make an informed judgement on what course to take and how to structure it, which of course gives you a better chance of passing whilst maximising your time and money.

As I said earlier there are many ways to structure a course and what’s most important is that it meets all that you need to get you through the course and test with as little stress as possible.

A WARNING there is no such thing as a “Guaranteed Pass Course” all tests are organised and marked by the Driving Standards Agency who are a government organisation. The DSA will mark you on what they see, so if you have a bad day it will reflect in your pass or fail. These advertisements offering this type of training are normally very expensive and do not meet the customer’s expectations. Make sure you know what you are getting and how much it will cost.