Intensive Driving Courses Morden

Intensive driving courses in Morden with APass4U, a family-run nationwide driving school. If you need to pass your driving test in a hurry, an intensive driving course in Morden will offer you the opportunity to dramatically reduce the time it takes you to pass your driving test.

Intensive Driving Courses in Morden

Take an Intensive Driving Course in Morden

  • A family-run intensive driving school with bases nationwide.
  • All intensive driving courses can be tailored to meet your requirements.
  • Our driving instructors live locally to the chosen test centre.
  • We strive to provide the best possible driving tuition at affordable prices.
  • All APass4U Driving Instructors are CRB Checked.

Morden Intensive Driving Courses & Prices



2 hours



 2 hour driving assessment lesson

Determine which course is best for you

Based entirely on your driving ability

Driving test not included


 50 hours

price from


(£2187.50 for automatic)

50 hour course spread over 10 days or 20 days

An ideal course for nervous beginners

For learners with NO driving experience

Driving test fee included!


 40 hours

price from


(£1765 for automatic)

40 hour course spread over 8 days or 16 days

An ideal course for novice learners

Complete driving tuition 

Driving test fee included!



35 hours

price from


(£1554 for automatic)

35 hour course spread over 7 days or 14 days

Ideal for confident mature learners

For learners with at least 5 hours experience

Driving test fee included!



 30 hours

price from


(£1339 for automatic)

30 hour course spread over 6 days or 12 days

Ideal for confident young learners

For learners with at least 10 hours experience

Driving test fee included!



 25 hours

price from


(£1112 for automatic)

25 hour course spread over 5 days or 10 days

One of our most popular driving courses

For learners with at least 15 hours experience

Driving test fee included!

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20 hours

price from


(£908 for automatic) 

 20 hour course spread over 4 days or 8 days 

Get help to reach the required test standard

For learners with at least 20 hours experience

Driving test fee included!



 15 hours

price from


(£711.50 for automatic)

15 hour course spread over 3 days or 6 days

For more confidence after failing a test

For learners with at least 25 hours experience

Driving test fee included!


 12 hours

price from


(£572 for automatic)

12 hour course spread over 3 days or 5 days

For those with high weekday commitments

For learners with at least 30 hours experience

Driving test fee included!


12 hours

price from


(£510 for automatic)

12 hour course spread over a 2 day weekend

For learners who have never driven before

Get your driving tuition advanced quickly

Driving test not included



 10 hours

price from


(£485 for automatic)

10 hour course spread over 2 days or 4 days

For learners who have failed a test

For learners with at least 35 hours experience

Driving test fee included!



6 hours

price from


(£317 for automatic)


1 day crash course spread over 6 hours

For learners with at least 40 hours experience

Driving test fee included!

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Driving Crash Courses in Morden with APass4U

Morden provides a mix of road types and traffic conditions that can help you build your driving skills and confidence. In the town centre, you’ll navigate busy streets with shops, restaurants, and local businesses, which can help you practice essential driving skills such as manoeuvring through traffic, managing pedestrian crossings, and navigating roundabouts. This urban setting also offers opportunities to practice parking, whether parallel on the street or in car parks. Morden’s residential areas feature quieter streets, ideal for learning basic driving manoeuvres such as turning and stopping smoothly. These areas can help you become accustomed to different types of intersections and road layouts, providing a solid foundation for handling various driving scenarios.

The district’s proximity to major routes such as the A24 and the A217 gives you access to larger roads and motorways where you can practice merging, changing lanes, and driving at higher speeds. This experience is beneficial for building confidence in different traffic situations and mastering motorway driving. Morden is also home to Morden Hall Park, offering scenic driving routes and the chance to encounter natural road conditions, such as narrow lanes and bends, providing valuable practice in different driving environments.

Our intensive driving courses in Morden are conducted by fully qualified ADIs. Each intensive driving course in Morden can be run over consecutive days – or they can be split if you choose to include a theory test with your course. All of our driving crash courses are run 1-to-1 with just you and the driving instructor in the car at any time.

We have numerous makes of car for your intensive driving course in Morden; petrol and diesel are both available at request. We only use modern cars for our intensive driving courses in Morden, with all the usual safety features of a learner car; such as dual controls. All A Pass 4 U driving instructors will always have up-to-date CRBs and are dedicated, professional individuals who pride themselves on providing exceptional driving tuition in Morden.

For Best Results Book an Assessment Lesson

If you are unsure if an intensive driving course in Morden would suit you, then you should consider taking a driving assessment lesson. These lessons are normally a two-hour “taster” during which the driving instructor is able to measure what level your driving skill is currently at. After the assessment, you can then make an informed judgement on what driving course to take and how to structure it, which of course gives you a better chance of passing your driving test whilst maximising your time and money.

All Intensive Driving Courses Run By Local Instructors

Morden located in South London, approximately 8 miles from the centre of the capital is a highly popular area to learn how to drive in not only because of the many challenges which you will come across but also due to the variety of amenities nearby. So you may find that the surrounding area can get quite busy but your test route will be designed to avoid this as much as possible.

It is of vital importance that learner drivers can drive safely. They need the skills to drive on all types of roads before taking a driving test. Learner drivers need to prepare for a lifetime of safe driving, not learn just enough to pass a driving test. Learning to drive can be quite daunting for any new driver, particularly in busy areas, but our instructors are here to help and use their knowledge not only to aid you in passing your test but also to drive safely.

Morden Test Centre is quite small so only undertakes car driving tests and is located at 10 Tudor Drive, Morden, Sutton, SM4 4PE. There is no parking at the test centre, please use Tudor Drive. Due to the test centre size, the manoeuvres required during your test will be completed on the test route at different stop-off points, which may include parallel parking and pull-up on the right and reverse exercise. On your test, you can expect to experience roundabouts, junctions, mini-roundabouts and crossroads. Some of the popular roads you may experience are A24, B279, Stonecot Hill, Hunston Rd/Garadon Rd Dual Carriageway and Bushey Road.

Our intensive driving courses and semi-intensive courses in Morden are run by driving instructors local to the chosen test centre, so not only do they have the skills to offer you the very best chance of passing but can give you some local knowledge of the driving test routes. We pick up from all of the outlying areas of Morden, whether you are at home, work or even out shopping we would be able to meet you for your driving course. With the driving instructor’s knowledge of Morden, you will be assured of a good knowledge of all the local driving test routes.


    Morden Intensive Driving Course FAQs

    Can my driving instructor accompany me on my driving test in Morden?<br />
    Your driving instructor would usually be allowed to accompany you on your driving test in Morden, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the DVSA are not allowing driving instructors to sit in the back of the car. This may change at any time.

    Would a driving examiner in Morden fail me for going the wrong way on my driving test?<br />
    It is very common for pupils to go the wrong way on a driving test, usually this is due to nerves or challenges such as dyslexia. If you take a driving test in Morden, signal to turn in the correct way and follow that route, even if it’s the wrong one, the examiner will not penalise you. However, if you indicate to turn one way and then turn in the opposite direction, then you have driven wrongly and you will be penalised.

    Can I use my own car to take a driving test in Morden?
    You are allowed to use your own car to take a driving test in Morden but it does need to meet Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency standards, so you will need to ensure the following and if you do not meet these standards the examiner can refuse to take you on the test and all fees will be lost:

    • The vehicle has been cleansed to a high level due to COVID-19
    • An additional interior mirror is available
    • Head restraints are fitted
    • The general condition of the vehicle is of a good standard
    • The vehicle needs to be insured for a driving test

    If you are unsure which of our intensive driving courses in Morden would work best for you then please call our customer service team, their expertise ensures that they will be able to guide you towards the best possible intensive driving course for you. From the moment you speak with our expertly trained customer services staff you will be able to relax as we will organise everything for you, meaning you can concentrate on passing your driving test.

    Please note: If you have any special requirements or prior knowledge let our staff know when booking your intensive driving courses and they will be able to factor this in. If you have ADHD, Dyslexia or Dyspraxia please make our staff aware of this when booking.


    (Calls charged at local rate)
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