Intensive Driving Courses Harlow

Intensive driving courses in Harlow with APass4U, a family-run nationwide driving school based in Essex. If you need to pass your driving test in a hurry, an intensive driving course in Harlow will offer you the opportunity to dramatically reduce the time it takes you to pass your driving test.

Intensive Driving Courses Harlow

Essex-Based Intensive Driving School

  • A family-run intensive driving school with bases nationwide.
  • All intensive driving courses can be tailored to meet your requirements.
  • Our driving instructors live locally to the chosen test centre.
  • We strive to provide the best possible driving tuition at affordable prices.
  • All APass4U Driving Instructors are CRB Checked.

Harlow Intensive Driving Courses & Prices



2 hours



per lesson

 2 hour driving assessment lesson

Determine which course is best for you

Based entirely on your driving ability

Driving test not included


 50 hours

price from


(£1612.50 for automatic)

50 hour course spread over 10 days or 20 days

An ideal course for nervous beginners

For learners with NO driving experience

Driving test fee included!


 40 hours

price from


(£1305 for automatic)

40 hour course spread over 8 days or 16 days

An ideal course for novice learners

Complete driving tuition 

Driving test fee included!



35 hours

price from


(£1151.50 for automatic)

35 hour course spread over 7 days or 14 days

Ideal for confident mature learners

For learners with at least 5 hours experience

Driving test fee included!



 30 hours

price from


(£994 for automatic)

30 hour course spread over 6 days or 12 days

Ideal for confident young learners

For learners with at least 10 hours experience

Driving test fee included!



 25 hours

price from


(£824.50 for automatic)

25 hour course spread over 5 days or 10 days

One of our most popular driving courses

For learners with at least 15 hours experience

Driving test fee included!

20 hours

price from


(£678 for automatic) 

 20 hour course spread over 4 days or 8 days 

Get help to reach the required test standard

For learners with at least 20 hours experience

Driving test fee included!



 15 hours

price from


(£539 for automatic)

15 hour course spread over 3 days or 6 days

For more confidence after failing a test

For learners with at least 25 hours experience

Driving test fee included!


 12 hours

price from


(£434 for automatic)

12 hour course spread over 3 days or 5 days

For those with high weekday commitments

For learners with at least 30 hours experience

Driving test fee included!


12 hours

price from


(£372 for automatic)

12 hour course spread over a 2 day weekend

For learners who have never driven before

Get your driving tuition advanced quickly

Driving test not included



 10 hours

price from


(£370 for automatic)

10 hour course spread over 2 days or 4 days

For learners who have failed a test

For learners with at least 35 hours experience

Driving test fee included!



6 hours

price from


(£248 for automatic)

1 day crash course spread over 6 hours

For learners who recently failed a test

For learners with at least 40 hours experience

Driving test fee included!

Driving Crash Courses Harlow

Our intensive driving courses in Harlow are conducted by fully qualified ADI’s. As our driving school headquarters are located in Essex, A Pass 4 U has over 40 driving instructors covering the county. We can offer both male or female driving instructors and manual or automatic car instruction.

We have numerous makes of car for your intensive driving course in Harlow; petrol and diesel are both available at request. We only use modern cars, with all the usual safety features of a learner car; such as dual controls.

All A Pass 4 U driving instructors are fully qualified ADIs, they have will always have up to date CRB’s. You can be rest assured your fully qualified Driving Standards Agency approved driving instructor will make sure that you are capable of passing your driving test in Harlow, and that you will have all the skills required for safe driving for life.

For Best Results Book an Assessment Lesson

If you are unsure if an intensive driving course in Harlow would suit you, then you should consider taking a driving assessment lesson. These lessons are normally a two-hour “taster” during which the driving instructor is able to measure what level your driving skill is currently at.

All Intensive Driving Courses Run By Local Instructors

Harlow Town is situated in the West of Essex on the border of Hertfordshire and is close to Stansted airport. There are many great road links making it easily accessible to close by towns like Bishops Stortford, Hertford and Chelmsford.

The Driver and Vehicles Standard Agency does not have testing facilities in Harlow so local learner drivers will need to head towards either Bishops Stortford or Chelmsford for a driving test. The Bishops Stortford test centre can be found on South Road, Bishops Stortford CM23 3JQ various different challenges found on driving tests. 

With some rural roads, dual carriageways and the M11 nearby learning to drive in Harlow will prepare you for most driving challenges. As well as the usual narrower residential estate roads you will also encounter faster roads like the A1060 or A1250. Local roads you may learn to drive on include the A414 a dual carriageway, Elizabeth Way and the Roydon Road which all have varying size roundabouts and can be very busy at times. With the driving instructor’s knowledge of Harlow, you will be assured of a good knowledge of all the local driving test routes.

As with all of our intensive driving course areas and driving crash course areas our instructors are all local people and so can help you with any troublesome spots on the test routes. Whilst bay parking may be part of your practical driving test you will not be able to practice in the test centre as they operate a staggered test time schedule. Your instructor will also be able to take you to the challenging areas to ensure that you are more than prepared for your driving test.


Intensive Driving Course FAQs

Nobody can guarantee that you will pass your driving test the first time. There are some steps that you can take towards increasing your chances though. The most important factor is finding a driving instructor that is compatible with you, one that you feel able to trust and work well with.
An intensive driving course will usually consist of a set number of hours of driver training per day, to run over a set number of days. The last hour on the last day of your course will usually see your driving test arranged. Before taking an intensive driving course, you will need to have passed your theory and hazard perception tests. From there it will depend on your experience and your ability to learn. APass4U offer intensive driving courses ranging from 6 hours over one day to 50 hours spread over 20 days. So you can learn at a pace suitable for you. Working out what driving course is right for you is difficult without seeing you drive and this is why we always recommend an assessment lesson.
Our range of driving courses are designed for people who are looking to pass fast. An intensive driving course and all of our hourly, daily and weekly courses can be tailored to your requirements and can include a theory test if required. If necessary we can split your driving course so you have time with one of our expert driving instructors before your theory test.
An intensive course in no more or less safe than hourly driving lessons. Driving is a skill you will learn for the rest of your life. It is not easily gained. You will probably put a lot of hours, effort and emotions to gain your driving licence and it can easily be lost, especially in the first 2 years. This is when you are only allowed to gain six penalty points before you lose your licence completely. Then you will have to start again! So above all drive safely!
Yes, you can start driving straight after passing your driving test. You do not need to wait for your licence to arrive in the post. Although you should contact the DVLA if your driving licence hasn’t arrived within 3 weeks.

If you are unsure which of our intensive driving courses in Harlow would work best for you then please call our customer service team, their expertise ensures that they will be able to guide you towards the best possible intensive driving course for you. From the moment you speak with our expertly trained customer services staff you will be able to relax as we will organise everything for you, meaning you can concentrate on passing your driving test.

Please note: If you have any special requirements or prior knowledge let our staff know when booking your intensive driving courses and they will be able to factor this in. If you have ADHD, Dyslexia or Dyspraxia please make our staff aware of this when booking.


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