Driving Lessons in Brentwood

APass4U offers you a guarantee of excellence when it comes to driving lessons in Brentwood, so that you have the best chance of passing your driving test 1st time. Manual and automatic lessons are available.

Driving Lessons Brentwood

Essex-Based Family-Run Driving School

  • A family-run driving school with bases nationwide.
  • Our main driving school headquarters are based in Essex.
  • Our driving instructors live locally to the chosen test centre.
  • We strive to provide the best possible driving tuition at affordable prices.
  • All APass4U Driving Instructors are CRB Checked.

Brentwood Driving Lesson Prices



 2 hours



2 hour introductory lesson

An ideal chance to meet your driving instructor

Male & female instructors available

Petrol & diesel cars available

Manual & automatic cars available


 1 hour

price from


(£36 for automatic)

1 hour driving lesson

All driving instructors are local to the area

Male & female instructors available

Petrol & diesel cars available

Manual & automatic cars available



 10 hours

price from


(£340 for automatic)

A block of 10 hourly driving lessons

All driving instructors are local to the area

Male & female instructors available

Petrol & diesel cars available

Manual & automatic cars available

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Flexible & Affordable Driving Lessons in Brentwood

Take your driving lessons in Brentwood with A Pass 4 U, a family-run intensive driving school with bases nationwide. We strive to provide the best possible driving tuition at affordable prices. Our driving lessons in Brentwood are designed to be very flexible to help you through the stressful times that start with studying for your driving theory test to passing your driving practical test and then on to Pass Plus. A Pass 4 U can offer both male or female driving instructors and manual or automatic car instruction.

In Brentwood, APass4U driving school transforms the town’s avenues into a rich learning tapestry. From the charming High Street to the suburban mazes, each road presents a unique lesson. Navigating Brentwood’s diverse terrain, learners encounter roundabouts, residential areas, and winding streets, honing their adaptability behind the wheel. Our instructors fuse expertise with a tailored approach, fostering confidence in handling both urban bustle and quieter stretches. Beyond technicalities, we prioritise teaching defensive driving, crucial for Brentwood’s varied traffic dynamics. The town’s blend of historic charm and contemporary roads becomes a playground for learners, shaping them into adept, mindful drivers who traverse Brentwood’s streets with ease.

Driving lessons in Brentwood can be taken by the hour, which is the traditional method, or for people who can concentrate longer – as a 1 ½ or even a 2-hour driving lesson. We have numerous makes of car for your driving lessons in Brentwood; petrol and diesel are available, manual and automatic. All of our cars are new and modern. Our male and female driving instructors are dedicated, professional individuals who pride themselves on providing exceptional driving tuition.

For Best Results Book an Introductory Lesson

We almost always suggest that you take an introductory lesson which will allow them to see what you can (or more importantly what you can’t) do as it also gives you the chance to meet your instructor and drive the car you will be using on the lessons. After the introduction lesson, you can then make an informed judgement on how many hours you are likely to need to reach the required standard, allowing you to maximise your time and money.

All Driving Lessons in Brentwood are Run By Local Instructors

Located in the commuter belt, approximately 20 miles east of Central London, Brentwood is served by the A12 trunk road which bypasses the town just to the north. Brentwood is sited snugly in-between the M25, A12 and A127, meaning that you may be likely to get onto a National Speed limit dual carriageway during your test, don’t worry these are simple to drive and an aspect that will be covered on your driving lessons, however, the examiners may keep away from these roads during rush hour tests.

It is of vital importance that learner drivers can drive safely. They need the skills to drive on all types of roads before taking a driving test. Learner drivers need to prepare for a lifetime of safe driving, not learn just enough to pass a driving test. Learning to drive can be quite daunting for any new driver, particularly in busy areas, but our instructors are here to help and use their knowledge not only to aid you in passing your test but also to drive safely. Our hourly driving lessons in Brentwood are run by driving instructors local to the chosen test centre, so not only do they have the skills to offer you the very best chance of passing, but can give you some local knowledge on the driving test routes.

Brentwood does have its challenges, not just the fact that it is on a hill, meaning we will make sure that your clutch control and hill starts are up to scratch. Your A Pass 4 U driving instructor will ensure that you have mastered the Brook Street roundabout and the Wilsons Corner junction from all directions during your driving course. With easy access to London Stratford and Liverpool Street by train we have many learners coming away from London to take lessons and tests, preferring the quieter-paced Brentwood roads to the chaos and aggressive driving of London. The Brentwood train station is an ideal place to meet your driving instructor.

We pick up from all of the outlying areas of Brentwood including Romford, Kelvedon and Chipping Ongar. Whether you are at home, work or even out shopping we would be able to meet you for your driving lesson in Brentwood.


    Driving Lessons Brentwood FAQs

    Am I able to take driving lessons in Brentwood in an automatic car?
    Driving lessons in Brentwood in automatic cars can benefit a range of people. Including nervous drivers, older people and those that may have learning difficulties or disabilities. Anybody is eligible to learn to drive in an automatic car! (providing that you do not have any health conditions that may affect you whilst on the road.

    How many driving lessons in Brentwood will it take for me to pass my driving test?
    There are many factors which contribute to how many driving lessons in Brentwood it will take to pass a practical driving test, including financial and time constraints. Regular lessons are important, try to keep the gaps between each one as close together as possible! We almost always recommend that you book an introductory lesson.

    When will I get to find out if I have passed or failed my practical driving test in Brentwood?
    The DVSA examiner will give you the result of your Brentwood-based practical driving test when you arrive back at the test centre as part of a debrief. Regardless of whether you pass or fail the practical driving test the examiner will explain the results fully including any driving fault marks received. It is important that you allow your driving instructor to listen to the debrief as they will understand the details in more depth and help you to correct these.

    If you are unsure how many driving lessons you need then please call our customer service team, their expertise ensures that they will be able to guide you towards the best possible choice of driving lessons for you. From the moment you speak with our expertly trained customer services staff, you will be able to relax as we will organise everything for you, meaning you can concentrate on passing your driving test.

    Please note: If you have any special requirements or prior knowledge let our staff know when booking your driving lessons and they will be able to factor this in. If you have ADHD, Dyslexia or Dyspraxia please make our staff aware of this when booking.


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