Passed Pupil- Lucie Fairchild- Brighton

Congratulations To Lucie Fairchild on passing her driving test after undertaking an 15 hour driving course in Brighton, this is seriously impressive. Her instructor said ” i am so happy for Lucie, she put so much hard effort in making sure that she passed and her test went really well such a lovely drive!” Drive safe!

Passed Pupil- Lina Woehring- Burgess Hill

Congratulations to Lina Woehring on passing her driving test this week after undertaking an 6 hour intensive driving course at Burgess Hill centre. Her instructor said “Well done Lina on passing your driving test, from all the hard work you put in you really did deserve it!” Well done and keep perfecting your driving!

Passed Pupil-Paul Rogan- Brighton

Congratulations to Paul Rogan on passing his driving test this week i Brighton after undertaking an 10 hour driving course, and smashing the test with only 2 minors! His instructor said “Well done Paul for passing your test with only 2 minors i am really impressed with the work and effort you put in!” Drive safe and see you on the road

Passed Pupil- Sam Cheal- Brighton

Congratulations to Sam Cheal on passing his driving test after undertaking an 15 hour driving course in Brighton, then smashing his test with only 5 minors. His instructor sad that “Sam is such a Chilled out lad, and really worked hard to make sure he passed his test, Well Done Sam!” Drive safe Sam! 

Passed Pupil- East Sussex- lee Beasley

A massive well done to Lee Beasley, Who passed his test on Thursday in Burgess Hill Centre, After doing an 20 hour driving course. His instructor said that ” Lee Smashed his test with only 3 minors, and I am really happy for him, he tried his very best and it worked out great for him.” Well Done from A Pass 4 U!