Here at A Pass 4 U, we are aware that these are unprecedented times and they may affect how your learning to drive will happen. On Friday the 20th of March the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) announced that they will be cancelling all practical driving tests for up to 3 months and all theory tests for up to 1 month. How this affects you will depend on whether you are considered a Key Worker or not. Please note that the words “up to” are key as the DVSA may decide at any point to reinstate tests so tests earlier than 3 months away may become available but this does depend on how the Corona Virus spreads throughout the country obviously at the moment this is unknown.

The DVSA are contacting each person individually by email so if you have booked your own test they will email you on the email address supplied. For pupils taking intensive driving courses, the DVSA will contact our services team with a new date and we will contact you as soon as we receive this to discuss a way forward. Please bear with us as we work through these as you will appreciate there are a lot of learner drivers are affected.


For learner drivers that are considered “Key Workers”, the DVSA have decided that you should be given a priority booking of both theory and practical tests. Key Workers are anyone working in the following industries:

  • Health & Social Care
  • Education & Childcare
  • Key Public Services
  • Local & National Government
  • Food & other necessary goods
  • Public Safety & National Security
  • Transport
  • Utilities, Communication & Financial Services

Proof that you are a key worker will be required this could be an NHS/Services pass or a letter from an employer.

If you have booked your own driving test and do work in one of the above industries you will need to contact the DVSA on one of the following emails:

For theory tests –

For practical tests –

Intensive Driving Course Pupils

Over the next few days and weeks the A Pass 4 U services team will be working tirelessly to arrange the driving course as best we can to suit each learner driver. As tests are going to be available in the future we are suggesting that pupils continue with their driving lessons/courses in one of the following manners to ensure you are ready for when the tests come back online.

The options we are suggesting are:

  • Reschedule the whole course
  • Split the course with “X” amount of training as booked and hold over some hours/days training for when the test is booked
  • Arrange your learning over the next few weeks/months with timings arranged to coincide with your driving test.

A Pass 4 U will of course honour any monies paid and any arrangements for rearranging courses will be subject to the new test dates, yours and the driving instructor’s availability.

Hourly Driving Lesson Pupils

As you will appreciate some driving instructors are considered at risk and therefore are self-isolating. Other driving instructors who are fit and healthy will be taking precautions to minimise any risk by using antibacterial materials etc before every driving lesson and should pupils wish to carry on learning to drive they may be able to especially if you are considered a key worker. A Pass 4 U and its driving instructors take everyone’s health very seriously and should any pupil feel unwell please do not ask for driving lessons as they will be refused. Please take your appropriate actions to ensure levels of risk by washing your hands before and after each driving lesson.

If a pupil has prepaid lessons we will of course honour these and resume driving lessons when you are ready or able to do so.

Due to high levels of phone calls, we would ask that you initially communicate with us via email on should you have any concerns or queries

Please note that the situation with driving tests/lessons is moving very quickly and all of the above may change day by day. We will endeavour to communicate as best as we can via social media and other formats as soon as possible.


Please keep yourselves and your loved ones safe in these troubled times.