baubleIts Christmas!

I love this time of year, not because of the pressies or the parties but because everyone seems to be nicer and with the New Year coming you may well be considering new challenges. Is yours driving? Well why not ask family and friends to help you concur one of life’s real challenges and change your life at the same time. Here at A Pass 4 U we offer driving lessons or driving courses in many sizes and all are available as a gift voucher. Whether you choose to spread your driving lessons out over a longer period with an hour or 2 a week or take an intensive driving course there’s a gift voucher we can produce. The driving gift vouchers start from just £21.00 and can increase in any amount you wish, we will even put a personalised message on the bottom.

One of the 1st steps when learning to drive will be your driving theory test and for this you will need some study material which as a minimum should include,

1) The Highway Code

2) Knowing Your Traffic Signs

3) Theory & Hazard Perception Practice CD Rom

All of these are available from A Pass 4 U, just give us a call on 01702 308763 and we’ll make sure you get them before Xmas.

The theory study material comes free with driving courses over 25 hours and will be sent to you along with a gift voucher when an intensive driving course is booked.

red-bowIf the person you’re considering a voucher for has driven before and you don’t know what is best to but then why not consider a gift voucher for an assessment lesson. These start at £32.00 for a 2 hour assessment and not only will the new driver have a full 2 hour driving lesson but they will receive feedback as to the best route for them and how many hours/lessons they will need. As well as this they also get to meet their driving instructor and drive the car before they commit any additional money to driving.

Why not give us a call and get a gift voucher arranged or pop into our offices in Southend on Sea.